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Ransomware outbreak poses serious threat!

There has been a rash of ransomware released in recent weeks, and if you have not seen it yet you will soon. Most ransomware is being delivered to your email inbox disguised as Word documents or pdf files that need your attention. These messages will normally be worded in such a way as to make you think you need to open the attachment, things like "overdue invoice" or "account suspended" are used to instill a sense of urgency. They want you to click on it to fix whatever is wrong before thinking too much about it! Don't fall for this tactic, and don't ever open attachments in your emails if you don't know who they are from and don't expect them. The latest version appears to be a TurboTax email asking you to opt out of making your information public, but if you click the link you will install a keylogger and your personal login information will be stolen for any sites you visit including banks, doctors, etc. Don't fall for these scams, contact your providers directly if you suspect there may actually be a problem needing your attention.

The best defense against these attacks is user education, making sure your employees know what to look for and what to avoid. Some antivirus providers are working with ransomware detection but you cannot count on any antivirus product to keep you completely safe. Now more than ever, practice safe web surfing, use caution with any unknown emails and avoid links included in emails unless you are confident you can trust them. We do provide end user education and testing for your organization, call to find out how RC Consulting can help!

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