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Legitimate Phishing E-mails from LinkedIn!?

As we’ve said before, phishing is on the rise. Your vital information is constantly being sought after by the “bad guys.” The newest way you may be seeing these malicious e-mails is with LinkedIn.

Social Media is a great way to “find” personal information on perfect strangers. We post where we live, where we work, where we eat, as well as the name of our spouse, the names of who we spend time with, and the names of those with whom we are loosely acquainted. Anyone looking for a way to grab your attention will have many ways to word a spear phishing subject line to draw you in.

Recently, LinkedIn attacks were focused on people with high profile banking friends. The messages referenced bank accounts and were delivered to LinkedIn’s InMail as well as external mailboxes. This means we all need to be very careful when responding to messages through our regular e-mail accounts as well as through our Social Media accounts.

Fake profiles are usually created to initiate contact, so here are a few things to watch out for:

  • The sender has very few connections/contacts/friends.

  • The profile is incomplete.Lack of information usually indicates a quick setup.

  • There are a lot of misspelled words or words out of place.

  • The profile owner is not located in the United States.

  • The photo is not of a person (it could be a logo) or it looks very familiar; it is a photo you have seen somewhere on the web many times before

  • The sender’s job title typically makes them a high powered executive with a prominent company.

RC Consulting is ready to help educate your team on these attacks and how to prevent them. Join us in our mission to keep our clients’ data out of malicious hands.

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