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When you have computer problems, explaining them to your technical support provider can sometimes be a challenge. So why bother when you can just show us? With our remote support technology and a working internet connection, we can observe and control your computer. You can then show us the problems you are experiencing without searching for the correct terms to descibe your issue. Very often we can fix the problem remotely and get you back to work quickly! 


Our Services tailored to small business needs:


  • Complete network design, installation, maintenance and administration services.

  • Custom configured workstations and servers, using Dell and HP systems for reliability, and negotiating the best price available for you.

  • Custom designed security solutions based on your needs, integrating Firewall, Antivirus, and Antimalware Products made with Small Business Needs and Budgets in mind.

  • Remote access solutions utilizing VPN security, to keep you in touch when you travel.

  • High speed internet solutions, working with DSL, T-1, cable modem and satellite providers to get you the fast connection speed you want.

  • On-site and off-site backup solutions to protect your data from the unexpected.

  • Workstation and server imaging solutions to get you back online quickly when you suffer hardware or software malfunctions, at a reasonable cost.

  • Remote troubleshooting, support and training services available.

  • Hardware repairs, upgrades and replacements.

  • Network inventory and documentation services.

  • Spam filtering/virus filtering server solutions for your email security.

  • Regular maintenance and update visits, keep you protected and running smoothly.

Computer problems got you down?

  • Slow startups when you turn on your computer.

  • Unresponsive programs, Blue Screens, lock ups?

  • Pop-ups, virus warnings, error messages?

  • Lost or slow Internet connections?

  • Call us, we can help!


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